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Default Re: Batman Begins is the greatest Batman Film to me.

Originally Posted by Cannikin View Post
I prefer Bale's "I'm Batman". B89 was good in its day, but the thought of Mr. Mom being strong enough to dangle a man off a rooftop was not believable and you can see the glue up the back of his cowl.
So the actor did even better than everyone's thought... but his previous roles ruined it. Could I say that my mind cannot accept Jesus said "I'm Batman" either?

And seriously, what does that "glue" there have to do at all with the line?

Originally Posted by Ilayda View Post
I totally agree with the topic. All those movies got inspired by BATMAN. It is not only a fantastic movie but also has a philosophical discourses in it. Also, it got 8.3 on imdb
Whoa, I wasn't convinced, but THIS...

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