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Default Re: Batman Begins is the greatest Batman Film to me.

Originally Posted by Cannikin View Post
I prefer Bale's "I'm Batman". B89 was good in its day, but the thought of Mr. Mom being strong enough to dangle a man off a rooftop was not believable and you can see the glue up the back of his cowl.

Im very confused by this statement. You really remember Keaton as Mr Mom? I more so remember him as psychos in Pacific Heights and Desperate Measures, and a very agressive drunk in Clean and Sober

Even if you remember him most from one of the earliest movies hed done, still, Keaton is and always was very fit. I dont see an issue here

As far as the glue, Jesus, it was the first time ever they created such suit. It was real trial by fire, and they spent a lot of R&D on it, it was something very new and experimental at best. Yet they came up with something so terrific its still used in Batman movies today (the idea of the suit being a black bodysuit). And by the way, that "scar" on the back of the neck is not glue, its just sculpted this way

Originally Posted by Steve Sanders View Post
The other Batman actors and the other Batman movies are all phony wanna be imposters.
What are you 12? this is such an immature and ignorant statement that Im not really sure if youre serious here

As for the topic at hand, Begins was always terrific for me. I hated the movie since its inception and was almost literally dragged to theater to see it. My last words before seeing me was "ok, wow me". But boy, it did, it sure did. In short, the movie has heart, emotional side and great action punch. This was the return to dark Batman I always hoped for since Forever came out


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