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Default Re: Official TDKR Videos Thread (NO DISCUSSION)

E! Online Interviews

Christian Bale: "The Dark Knight Rises" star explains his on set antics. Plus, costars Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman talk working with him.

Christian Bale shares his sadness over the Batman chronicles coming to a close. Plus, hear about his powerful moment on set.

Christopher Nolan: "The Dark Knight Rises" director gives juicy details about the new terrorist leader Bane and his sick abilities.

Anne Hathaway: "The Dark Knight Rises" actress reveals how she celebrated when she got the role. Plus, did Anne do her own stunts in the flick?

Veteran actors Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman open up about saying goodbye to the characters in "The Dark Knight Rises."

Joseph Gordon-Levitt: "The Dark Knight Rises" star dishes how CGI is not used in many of the big scenes of the sequel.

"The Dark Knight Rises" star reveals how she prepared to kick butt as Catwoman--and what it takes to slip into the iconic skin-tight suit.

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