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Default Re: BEWARE Spoilers: 11.2 - DETECTIVE - Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

Originally Posted by Binker View Post
Oh really? That's a new idea: giving Batman a camo look to his makeup, based from the film Batman looks with the eye makeup, but extended. That's kinda neat, giving Batman's war on crime a true war on crime.

I'm wondering about the white lenses; from the mask, from his eyes, or just there and don't ask like the regular comic version?
Yeah, someone on Twitter was like "why does batman have black facepaint" and he was like "It's not that -- it's similar to what navy SEALS have" which is a very interesting idea. Some may say the costume is terrible, but I'm loving it. I'm really interested in seeing where they go in this storyline. I'm buying both Digital+Print.

I didn't even notice any white lenses because I'm just frankly used to it always being there on Batman. However -- since Smallville is kinda grounded in reality (basically it's supposed to be real life like us watching TV is what I mean, you know?) I wouldn't put it past them to make the white lenses have some sort of meaning/explanation.

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