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Default Re: Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance - Rate & Review Thread

Originally Posted by Art Damage View Post
I enjoyed the hell out of this film because it doesn't take itself too seriously and I like that it's really one of the first kind of grindhouse type superhero films. The only thing it's missing is just crazy blood, boobs and worse language. My brother and I saw this movie at the theater and we walked out of there crazy impressed by how entertained we were. Critics are of course going to slay this movie because it's really all about just zany-ness...but a world that completely works for this character. I hated the Crank films so I was surprised to see how much I really enjoyed this. To me, it's like a better budget..a little bit more plot heavy kind of Toxic Avenger film...and I'm a sucker for those movies.

It's a guilty pleasure.
While I am one of the people that maintains Ghost Rider doesn't have to be rated R to be a good film I do agree if they hate just let Neveldine/Taylor just go nuts and do whatever they wanted then this film would have definitely been better with the direction they were going.

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