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Default Re: Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance - Rate & Review Thread

Originally Posted by NDX View Post
Giving them the ability throw f-bombs and tits around doesn't change the fact that the direction is **** when you give the money shot away in the middle of the movie. They had nowhere to go from there after that. It just rolled off a cliff and kept plummeting, and no rating or budget changes could have saved that.
Way to simplify it. It isn't just about boobs and F bombs. I am simply saying with the direction Neveldine/Taylor went and the type of movie they made had they not been held back by the PG-13 and allowed to go crazy without any restrictions it probably would have better overall movie. Their history is making those kinds of films...the Crank movies and Gamer. This was new territory for them and it just didn't turn out well.

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