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Default Re: EVERYTHING Black Panther - Part 2

Originally Posted by DrCosmic View Post
6) He's got a fair rogue's gallery. Better than Cap or Wonder Woman's, not as good as Spider-Man or Batman's. Ulysses Klaw, his sound-manipulating origin villain tops them off, but a close second is Erik Killmonger, the homegrown mastermind that can actually take T'challa in a fistfight. M'Baka (Man-Ape) is a bit like his venom, the stronger dumber version of himself, basically, also homegrown. Add to this other sundries like the elemental trader Moses Magnum, traitorous brother Hunter, fickle Panther God Bast and all the assorted malcontents that aren't smart enough to run things, but get employed by Klaw and Killmonger from Malice (former fiance of T'Challa) to Rhino (borrowed from Spidey), to Radioactive Man and Baron Macabre. Trilogy's worth of epic climactic battles in the bag.

No offense, but not all those guys are cut out for the silver screen. Klaw and Killmonger are the best choices for a first and second movie respectively. Man Ape serves the same function as Killmonger, only he is far more lame and more potentially offensive. Also the Black Panther franchise doesn't have the rights to Rhino so he wouldn't show up.

Also I'm not sure Klaw wouldn't work better as just a guy with a sonic weapon, turning him into a sound energy creature would add a lot to the budget and I think this movie might want to stick to a smaller budget.

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