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Default Re: Superman Returns - Extended Cut

If they released an extended cut of Superman Returns it would look like a whole different movie. I mean in that you'll have:

  • The whole sub-plot (before Superman Returns on if there should be a Superman anymore) done mostly in Smallville with Clark and Martha talking. Which is why the reaction he got after the plane rescue means so much more.
  • Young Clark finding his ship.
  • You have the whole Lex Luthor Sub-plot that is very good and was shoot and shows he is not a rip off of Donner's Lex but a man with a plan.
  • You would see the opening titles changed explaining or giving hints as to what happened to Superman through Newspapers. Something I always felt they should have kept
  • You would have had a great moment when Superman first changed.
  • You also would have seen a Lois that wasn't as cold as she seemed to Superman and after he told her why he left would have according to the scripts showed a little compassion and sadness in he facail expression and voice.

See this would have been a different movie all together. I think it would have been great to see all of this although I highly doubt we will see this.

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