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Default Avengers EMH Hawkeye - Threat Level Low

Just was watching this episode from Season 2 and I think basically everyone was a "Threat Level - Medium or High" except Hawkeye (and I think Wasp).

Is it me or didn't Hawkeye kick more butt in EMH than just about anyone on the roster? Hawkeye definitely looked more badass than Thor, Captain America, Iron-Man, and even Hulk in the series. Actually, the two Avengers who seemed to dominate most of the fights were Hawkeye and Black Panther, with Ant-Man probably pulling in just behind those two.

Anyway, when I heard the "threat level low," I just chuckled and said even the baddies underestimate Hawkeye. He's just a dude with a bow & arrows, yet he'll still kick everyone's ass.

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