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Default Re: Avengers EMH Hawkeye - Threat Level Low

Originally Posted by BigThor View Post
Hawkeye looking more badass than Thor or Hulk?

LOL give me holler when Hawkeye deflects a blast powerful enough to destroy a city, catch the entire city of Manhattan on his back (Thor), and knock someone from one city to the next (Hulk).
Dude, no reason to get upset.

Fact is, especially during the first season, Hawkeye very rarely got taken down. He was always kicking butt. Thor got defeated a lot in the first season.

I get that they are more powerful (Thor and Hulk) but Hawkeye was definitely written stronger. Season 2 so far he's more like the rest but season 1 it was always Black Panther and Hawkeye that rarely got beat.

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