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Default Re: Avengers EMH Hawkeye - Threat Level Low

Originally Posted by BigThor View Post
Mad? I could've sworn I was like but ummm Thor/Hulk never really got defeated by anyone other than major threat levels like Kang, Ultron, Graviton etc.

As a matter of fact most of the time Hawkeye's arrows were useless and when they did work they just opened the villain up for them heavy hitters. Go look up Hulk's fight with Graviton and Thor's fight with Ultron (2nd fight), Hawkeye never came close to doing anything that epic.

I definately agree that Hawkeye is badass bro , but it's unfair to compare him to character's as powerful as Thor or Hulk.
Like I said in my last post, I don't think he's as powerful as Thor or Hulk - it just seemed like he was more effective.

In the second season, he seems a little less of a "go-to-guy" than he did in the first season. His arrows don't seem as effective. Maybe I need to re-watch season one, but that was my feeling throughout most of it.

I was actually going to question that maybe the writers were huge Hawkeye and Black Panther fans. Again, I agree they aren't as powerful but they are definitely very effective in Season One.

Didn't Hawkeye "save the world" 2-3 times before he even joined the Avengers?

Thor and Hulk were still crazy strong in this series, but I actually liked how they were more "human" in the fact that they could get beat up where-as in the movie, it was never in doubt. In the show, you could never be certain if Thor or Hulk would win the fight or not.

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