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Default Re: Superhero Film of the Year - 2012 Edition

As far as this year goes, I'd have to say that even with all of it's flaws and noticeable edits that I think I enjoyed The Amazing Spider-Man the most.

Ghost Rider was fun for what it was and that's actually a movie I look forward to revisiting on home video soon. It was a grindhouse type superhero flick and Nicholas Cage is just one of those cult fandom actors that it's hard for me to not like. Sure the film was handful of cheesy dialogue and some of the writing seemed strange (Come on Goyer!) but this was one of those movies I had a really fun time watching.

Now Avengers I was kind of mixed, I knew what kind of movie it was probably going to be when I went to the midnight screening but I was pleasantly surprised by how good the character development was everyone. I really enjoyed some aspects of it like Loki but found myself way too bored and wondering when it was going to wrap up finally by the middle of the third act. There's just a lot of high budget style over substance in some of this movie that really just left a sour taste in my mouth...even after two screenings. I still liked it I suppose but I just don't feel like I gain anything from it.

I kind of had a little bit of the same feeling for Amazing Spider-Man as well. The performances were top notch but the movie does feel heavily edited and it seems like the movie just kind of limps in a way because of this. Even though it's pretty story beat heavy as the 2002 Raimi film, it beefs it up by injecting the ol' Nolan realism vibe in it...and it works in some cases and gets me excited for the new Spidey world...but I just don't know if it sinks in for me 100%. I did enjoy ASM a little more the second viewing than I did after an Avengers second viewing. I think what sold me on ASM was that even though at times I felt like I had seen this movie before, I felt more invested in the character development in this film so it won me over.


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