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Default Re: Why didn't Gordon arrest the Joker when they had him surrounded?

Originally Posted by drsmoo View Post
Before that, after Maroney told Gordon where The Joker would be. Gordon made a comment about getting Lau out alive, Joker either way. Then Joker makes his threats and they totally forget about bringing him in.
They didn't forget that. If you recall Reese was on TV about to spill the beans about Batman's identity while they were prepping themselves at Police HQ to go get Joker, when Joker interrupted the broadcast and said he didn't want a world without Batman. So he told Gotham that if they didn't kill Reese within an hour he would blow up a hospital.

Gordon then had bigger priorities. He had to send all his man power out to evacuate the hospitals and also protect Reese from the mobs of Gothamites.

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