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Default Re: The Batsuit Master Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by Mr. Finger View Post
Llama... it's just as easy to tint and color a thin cast, as it is to do a thick cast. It usually occurs in each pice anyhow... the stomach being thinner than the shoulders for instance?... no matter the thickness, the foam is tinted the the bowl while mixing. The color will be the same in the thin area's and the thick area's ( usually shoulders ).

The suits are actually pretty darn light... it is the Capes that can get pretty darn heavy. And as far as the "crumbling issue?... let's just say a friend of mine has a couple of the "Forever" suits hanging in his closet... perfect... soft... flexible as the day they were made... The material should not crumble, the foam can be whipped up in the bowl to increase it's volume and be a lighter weight foam... this all happes from day one. The more you whip the foam in the bowl, the more it rises... and becomes lighter prior to injection. The less you whip the foam, the more dense it remains.. and will be more solid and heavy. Yes, it will get very warm... but that is usually added to by what ever kind of under-suit that they use to hold the batsuit together. If the foam crumbles, or is way too heavy , or does not move well... it may not be all because of the material... it may be part to do with the technician..

Funny that you mentioned "Tron"... do you know that the same guy that did the foam for the "Tron" suits"... did the "Night Owl" and "Oz" suits from "Watchmen" as well?... and used the same exact coloring techniques and foam? The difference betrween those suits is that the "Tron" suits had open area's where there was fabric in between... Night Owl did not...

You may be curious as to how I know this?... ya never know who's on the other end of these conversations... do you?....

trust me.. "Returns" , "Forever" , "B and R" , "Begins" , "Watchman" ( both "oz" and "night owl" ) , and "Tron"... all the same material... all colored the same way ( technically ) ... different artist's and technicians that effect the different out-comes...

You wanna talk "Watchmen" ? look at the "OZ" suit... same show.. same tech's... but it looks more like a muscle suit... even "comedians" arms were fake and foam latex... different colors?... yep... that's a bit on the tint in the foam... but mostly just comes down to the paint job...

the material is fine... it works great... some people just know how to use it a bit better than others...

Sorry for all of this "tech" crap... but there are a lot of "myths" out there with and about these materials... opportunities have been denied because of some "myths"... we have to be careful or we will end up what they did for "Green Lantern"....

I'm still looking for someone to get the Batsuit done right... there have been bits and pieces for me... but not an entire suit for one film...

still waiting to see that one..
Ummmm, you might claim to be some sort of production insider, but in the production notes of Batman Begins, Chris Nolan (Director), Lindy Hemming (Designer) Julian Murray (Sculptor) and Christian Bale (Bruce Wayne/ Batman) all disagree with you. You shouldn't disagree with the people who actually design/make/wear the suit, especially when the information is available to anyone who can google "Batman Begins".

Tinting is done before the foam is thrown in the oven. Too dense and it can come out black, but the actor can't turn their head (B'89- B&R), too thin and the material wrinkles and crumbles, because too much dye undermines the structural integrity of the foam.

Your "friends" Panther suit may still be in reasonable condition, but that was still a very thick suit in comparison, hence why it could be darker and glossier.

EDIT- This information is even on the Batman Begins Wikipedia page.

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