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Default Re: MCU: Phase II - Part 1

Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post
So you'd rather Thanos not show up again until A3, which, by your 4-year intervals, would be 2020....? A six-year break between Thanos appearances....? Why even bother....?

I think a more realistic look at Phase II shakes out as:

2013: IM3, Thor 2
2014: CA2, GOTG, Ant-Man
2015: Avengers 2, plus one other film before that (possibly BP, Hulk 2, Dr. Strange)

Have Thanos make a cameo in Thor 2 (face it, Avengers almost *requires* that Thanos and Loki "settle up" in some fashion), be the major baddie in GOTG, and have a climactic confrontation with the Avengers in TA2.

The reason I don't want Thanos as the villain in A2 is because I feel like A3 should end that arc for Thanos since it started with A1. Besides by A3 they could possibly kill off a major character by the hand of Thanos and get away with it.
And I never said Thanos would not appear in other films in Phase III.

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