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Default Re: MCU: Phase II - Part 1

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I dunno, Joss Whedon talked about wanting Avengers 2 to be smaller, Ultron as a villain would fit that, and for that to happen Ant-Man needs to happen in Phase II, not to mention that latelly there have been some things making it clear that it will happen soon, like them saying to keep attention to Edgar Wright's tweets and a couple of well dressed guys searching for Ant-Man comics in a comic shop near the studios.

And Marvel seemed interested in making a Hulk sequel with a possible 2015 release date.
Marvel could certainly surprise us on Saturday, but I think the chances of Ant-Man are slim to none at this point. They seem very early in the process and by all signs there is some hesitation at some level. Exactly why or what is causing this I don't know; but it's definitely there.

As for Hulk Marvel may have to realize that Hulk simply works better in an ensemble film. Why? Because when he's a solo star the entire audience is rooting AGAINST the interests of Bruce Banner throughout the film. Banner wants to stay calm and in control and everyone in the audience wants him raged up and on a rampage. This works real well in a save the day/team type scenario, ala Avengers, but not so well when it's just him. Don't get me wrong I loved TIH and it worked as a different sort of film: scared freak on the run. But Hulk is a hero (thanks to Whedon/Ruffalo's development of the character beyond Norton's take) now and I just don't see that translating well in a solo film.

I personally would love to see a Stark/Banner team up film. Their chemistry was outstanding in Avengers.


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