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Default Re: MCU: Phase II - Part 1

Originally Posted by Lord View Post
I dunno, Joss Whedon talked about wanting Avengers 2 to be smaller, Ultron as a villain would fit that, and for that to happen Ant-Man needs to happen in Phase II, not to mention that latelly there have been some things making it clear that it will happen soon, like them saying to keep attention to Edgar Wright's tweets and a couple of well dressed guys searching for Ant-Man comics in a comic shop near the studios.

And Marvel seemed interested in making a Hulk sequel with a possible 2015 release date.
- Every single sign has pointed to Thanos being in Avengers 2. Ultron will not be the villain.
- Kevin Fiege has stated that if they start Ant-Man it will be a 3rd film in 2014, not occupy the second spot.
- There's no reason a Hulk 2 couldn't occur after Avengers 2, during phase 3.

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