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Default Re: EVERYTHING Black Panther - Part 2

Originally Posted by DarKush View Post
All this talk of rogue's galleries just reminds me of how underrated Panther's rogues are. To me, Klaw, Killmonger, Malice, Achebe, Hunter, or Death Tiger could all carry a movie. Man-Ape (or White Gorilla, which I prefer), maybe he could with the right story. I've heard of a group called the Supremacists from back in the day that might also be worthy movie adversaries. There's also some politics you could delve into with the Desturi, from Jonathan Maberry's arc. Or maybe Vlad the Impaler or (shudder) American Panther from David Liss's arc, however American Panther might be too controversial. It would be great to have Panther face someone like Doom, Kingpin, or Red Skull but I know that will never happen.

I think with the right approach many of the lesser known, or even more lesser known, of his villains could be fine for a movie. And I don't see why a villain couldn't be created to fill a need if there isn't one already doing that in the comics. Or I wonder if they could poach a villain that isn't being used or tied to a some movie rights. While I'm sure Rhino is out and Batroc might be, but what about Radioactive Man or Cannibal that Hudlin used in his first arc?

With Cap, my issue with his rogues are redundancy. He has a lot of Nazi villains-which of course makes sense-but at the same time will audiences feel like it's a retread if the next film uses someone like Zemo, Zola, or Strucker?

As for Thor and Iron Man, I don't think either has a great rogues' gallery, though I think Iron Man trumps Thor, though IMO Red Skull is the best villain out of any of these guys' (Thor, Iron Man, or Black Panther) galleries.
Thor has a huge rogues gallery just based on his mythological background.

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