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Default Re: The Batsuit Master Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by OP84CC82 View Post
In truth Mr. Finger, I'd really love to hear what your preference for a Batman costume in live-action would be. What materials would you use? Would you use another superhero costume as inspiration, or would you do something original that fit's the character instead of borrowing from another? And what setting would it be that your preferred costume would be in? A more exaggerated and gritty version of a modern city, a more gothic looking city, or something that harkens back more to the 30's, 40's, and 50's? Personally, I like modern settings because the audience can identify with it more, but still, what would you prefer?
I actually think that it is a tough one to do...
I get why Nolan went the way that he did, I just think that the suit now is kind of over-designed. I get the removable Cowl... the independent neck.. makes sense in the environment that Nolan has created. But from the waist down, to me it's a mess.

I always thought that a period piece would be cool... like the 'ol "Elseworld" stories from the '80's and early '90's would be fun. Batman in a retro-type suit.. going after the likes of Al Capone or something? Have the Batmobile actually look like the way that it was drawn in the '40's. Like a film noir.

I like the "look" that Anton Furst came up with for the '89 film... and in that world, the suit can be a little more stylized...

But to do a suit with a nod to Neal Adams?.. to achieve a film with a colourful palette?... that could be hard to do... and lord knows we don't want what we got from the Schumacher days. Perhaps like what Snyder tried with "Sucker Punch"? A really "over-stylized" film... coloured like a comic book... with a 6'4" Batman dressed in Dark Blue and Grey... Neal Adams like.. chasing a Joker with the look of "Killing Joke" or "Arkham Asylum"?
Robin could fit in there and get his butt killed as well?

That's why I think the dark blue and grey would be tough... I'd like to see it, but it may be a hard sell...

I'd like a movie that had the feeling of the film "Seven"... rated "R"... like a good scary horror film... and have the "Man-Bat" show up. Scary... bloody... and I think it could be cool... have some cool transformation stuff like "The Howling" or "American Werewolf in London"...
but that's the young one trapped inside of me.

Now as far as the materials?.. they already use the materials that would work, I've gone in to "WAY" too much detail about my thoughts on that.
It just comes down to the design... and it's execution.
That's why I mentioned "Watchmen"...

I think the "Batsuits" have spent to much energy trying to make them really clean... body-shopped... and smooth.. I still think the look of the '89 suit works, and those steps were not done.
I , personally , liked the top half of the "Dark Knight" suit... with a different Cowl and Cape... get rid of the "grid" on the legs... and just have Batman pull over some Dark Grey material over the top of it at the end of "Rises"... before he drives out of the Bat-Cave to go stand by his parents grave. Thats the ending I want to see... like they did in "MOTP".. Bruce Timm gets it..

The material does not really matter.. it's the "look" of the material. Could be a cotton or a wool even... the colour is important... as is a big black Bat on the chest. But the material over the armor that is from the "Dark Knight" suit could be cool.

some one else's turn... those are my thoughts..

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