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Default Re: The Official Rate/Review Thread for Marvel's The Avengers! (TAG SPOILERS!!!) -

Originally Posted by \S/JcDc\S/ View Post
Xmen first class was a much better film. A lot of characters but with actual depth.

Originally Posted by Webfoot Hero View Post
Two different franchises at different points in their development as films. The Avengers already had a build-up of characters from previous films that people instantly recognized; X-Men: First Class was a reboot/prequel to the previous X-Men that had an entirely new cast with almost no name recognition. You can't gleam too much from the synopsis of each film to judge quality then.
Stop making sense.

Originally Posted by Crimson King View Post
Man, I couldn't stand the characters in XMFC (outside of Magneto and Charles, who were great). I cringed every time the X-teens were on screen. I hope they're better in the sequel.

Avengers was a much better movie. XMFC was far too rushed and it showed in the final product.
I had the same issue with XMFC .... but it's always been like that for me with the XMEN films. I roll my eyes when they're flirting and coming up with names for each other or when Angel Salvadore switched scenes. The scene was so bad. January Jones also needed a personality injection in that movie ... fun to look at though. As usual Fassbender was better than everyone in the cast.

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