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Default Re: EVERYTHING Black Panther - Part 2

Ya know, come to think of it, many of Spider-man's villains would make cool Panther foes. I mean think about it.

Kraven is an obvious choice. His physical and tracking abilities should be on par with BP's and he has weird potions that increase his abilities to Spidey level. A very cool and logical challenge.

Rhino yeah there are real rhinos in Asia too, but the largest most well know are the white and black rhinos in Africa. The supervillain has BP totally outmatched physically but isn't all that bright. Seeing BP battle a Hulk like opponant would be cool.

Vulture similar strength levels and use of high tech seems to make him a good choice too. And vultures are always following lions around so...

Jackal a mad scientist who lives here in America. Outside of zoos you won't find any jackals here, but they probably roam the country side around wakanda.

Sandman the Sahara is the largest body of sand on Earth so he'd be unstoppable. But Bp would figure somethin out.

Shocker Bp always talking about vibranium but who knows more about vibrations than Shocker?

Too bad it's never gonna happen. I find BP's villains to be a bit lame but with the right story maybe I could become a believer.

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