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Default Re: Top 5 Things You Want from Captain America 2!

My Top 5:

A New Costume - The suit from Avengers wasn't horrible when all was said and done, but it had the advantage of being part of an ensemble. Here, all eyes will be much more focused on Captain America and how he is presented. Audiences shouldn't be thinking about how goofy he looks in those blue pajamas, but how much of a badass he looks standing next to those SHIELD Agents.

Sharon Carter - There's been rumblings going on that Hayley Attwell could once again be a part of the franchise by returning as Sharon Carter. Sorry, but no, I'm not a fan of this idea at all. She and Evans had some good chemistry together, but nothing remarkable. What happens if they want to show flashbacks during the film?

A layered villain - As good as Hugo Weaving was playing the Red Skull, he was pretty one-note in terms of storyline. It fit with the whole Nazi/Germany angel and with the character itself, but for the sequel, I'd like to see a villain that offers a bit more depth. More personality than a moustache-twiddling bad guy.

Falcon - Out of all the rumours currently circling around, this one has me most intrigued. If they do intend to introduce this character in the MCU, then this is the perfect place to do it. With WS currently MIA (can be saved for Cap 3), these two would make a great buddy cop duo. Could it end up being cheesy? Sure, but this is Captain America we're speaking of here. Seeing as he is being included in the new Avengers cartoon show coming up, its possible they can be leading up to this.

Make it stand on its own two feet - This is probably my biggest concern. As we know, SHIELD will have a big role in this film and that is perfectly understandable. However, I would like the story to follow on from the first CA film rather than focus too much on The Avengers. Widow and Hawkeye could be off on their own missions whilst this is taking place. Maybe it doesn't have to be set in New York, maybe Cap is sent on a mission that sends him around the globe, thereby potentially attracting more foreign audiences and not appearing so flag-wavy(?)

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