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Default Re: MCU: Phase II - Part 1

Originally Posted by Markyboy00 View Post
I think Ant-Man being phaseII or PhaseIII might be depended upon who they want to be the main villain in A2.. A hero like Ant-man will do very little against Thanos physically, but the brains of Hank Pym might be a big help.. My opinion, if they want Thanos to be the main villain in A2 then Ant-man would be a great start for phase3(with a cameo role in A2).. If they hold off the final showdown with Thanos until A3 and have a different villain in A2, then have Ant-Man come out as Phase2(show Pym working on Ultron).. Then have him a main character A2 agianst an all powerful and evil Ultron..
In all honesty I think they should save Ant-Man for Phase III. As it stands, the current roster already has two science buffs (in the form of Stark and Banner) on the team, and adding one more may or may not be overkill. I think by the time A3 comes around, either Stark and/or Banner (most likely the latter) would drop out by then leaving room for Hank and Wasp to join.

There's also the added problem of trying to sell the character to audiences. Sure, we've seen some bizzare things in the MCU up to now, from gods, aliens and everything in between, but having people who can actually shrink down to the size of an ant will be an exceptionally tough one to swallow. Then again, I guess that's what the solo outings are for.

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