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Default Re: MCU: Phase II - Part 1

Originally Posted by Panther X View Post
I can't see the vast majority of people caring about that. Stark and Banner work in two separate areas sure, yet in the film they were both discussing about the same thing, the Tessearct. Let's say a similar situation arises in the sequel, wouldn't the same just happen again in order to show links between them? It's not necessarily bad, but could be overkill when half the superhero team is made up of scientists. It should be more diverse, in and out of action.
Well, the bigger outcry from the GA would probably be the lack of ethnic diversity in the team.

When it comes to having a third scientist, I wouldn't really mind, given the fact that all three characters are vastly different in personality and value systems. You also solve this problem if you have Ruffalo hanging around as the Hulk more often (out of action), instead of Banner. I think we'd all be for that.

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