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Default Re: MCU: Phase II - Part 1

Actually James Bond changed quite a bit in the course of Casino Royale. But the Bond movies are a terrible analogy to these films for the reasons already stated. Different animals. I do think the current movies (as long as Craig is attached) will show some level of continuity for the character that didnt exist in previous eras.

And Tony definitely has matured, he just isnt used to working as part of a team, especially a team where hes not calling all the shots. He's still a control freak, but the fact is that by the end of TA he accepted Cap as the leader of the team. Also hes in a committed relationship with someone he respects. Thats also new.

And the Indy movies/shows are also completely different because theyre not even chronological. Temple is a prequel to Raiders and the show is of course him as a kid. Maturing isnt really an option.

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