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Default Re: MCU: Phase II - Part 1

Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post
Really? When did that happen?
I saw Cap giving orders to everyone *except* Iron Man, who was off doing his own thing. I think Whedon made it perfectly clear by the end of the movie that the divide still exists between Tony and Steve, even if there's a brothers-in-arms kind of truce going on right now.
After the big 360° scene with the six Avengers in a circle, Iron Man says, "Make the call, Cap." And Cap gave Iron Man the mission of keeping the Chitauri within the perimeter that he had previously set up with the police. He also was a team player in telling Hawkeye to clench up when giving him a lift. =)

So yeah, in addition to my argument about Iron Man's arc, I think the character definitely grew in some respects from the beginning of the movie to the end (probably more so than the other characters).

That all said, I actually agree with you that the characters don't really need to undergo so much change (and definitely not aging) as the MCU progresses--once characters are established, you kind of want to have them take different journeys while maintaining what we love about the characters.

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