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Default Re: What role did TDK play in Obama's win?

What far-left crap? Let's separate fact from opinion for a second:
1) torture has been used by the U.S. government under the Bush administration
2) torture was used as a campaign platform publicly by most of the Republican nominees for president (McCain notably absent)
3) fear of terrorism and being strong on national security was a primary campaign platform by Bush, with insistence by figures such as Dick Cheney that Al Qaeda wanted John Kerry to be elected, and that Democrats supported terrorists in principle.
4) there is a marked increase in movies portraying terrorism and using terrorists
5) the last Batman movie with the Joker never once used "terrorist" to describe him, even though his actions resulted in just as many deaths
1) Rational thought has not been important to American voters for a long time
2) Obama's message of hope is a direct extreme opposite to fear, and when used for its emotional value only, is the same thing: an irrational urge that is an attempt to escape fear.
3) The only way to handle fear reliably and triumph is to address it head on, recognize the actual problems to be solved and evaluate candidate plans to solve them. In other words, the issues matter more than the emotions.
Do you see any mention of far-left ideals such as taking down corporations, re-distributing income, etc.?

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