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Default Re: EVERYTHING Black Panther - Part 2

Well some folks feel that race should never be discussed period. That the mention of it is tantamount to racism. So when exactly should race be mentioned in a comic, book, movie? T'Challa is a black man, he's an African, I think his race might play a role in how he is perceived not just in the real world but in the comics world, so why not talk about that? My only issue with Hudlin regarding race was his sometimes questionable use of slang, however his usage of slang was much better than Christopher Priest's.

I didn't think Hudlin's run was perfect, but when I reread some of his books a few months ago I liked them better than I did the first go round. For me, I think he started out strong but then the middle of his run got weak but he finished on a good note, before handing it off to Maberry.

Also, Kraven showed up in David Liss's run. I think he played a role in the "Storm Hunter" storyline that finally brought Storm into the Panther comic.

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