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Default Re: Casting thread, anyone?

Originally Posted by DrCosmic View Post
Just the idea of highlighting that she looks up to this younger Cap, and giving her a different position/perspective in the story that the hardened soldier/spy Black Widow, or Peggy Carter for that matter.
Well, to each his own.

But part of her point originally was that she challenged Steve in issues of gender by being a competent woman in a man's world.. Of course, movie Steve is a progresive sort who got along with Peggy and Natasha just fine, so that

Still, there's plenty that sets her apart from Black Widow. Sharon is more like a younger, female Fury than a blond Black Widow. Or in other words, Sharon's the soldier, Natasha is the spy.

Sharon is the former idealist who became more cynical as the job took its toll and acts like a foil to the eternally idealistic Steve Rogers, while Natasha went the opposite way, starting out as a villain and gradually becoming more heroic.

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