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Default Re: Top 5 Things You Want from Captain America 2!

Originally Posted by KangConquers View Post
Here's the thing, the idea of Sharon being identical to Peggy is a relic of naive 1960s comic book writing. That same plot point would come across as lazy convenient writing to any discerning member of the 21st century general audience.

I wouldn't mind having a Sharon who looks like Peggy, but using the same actress just won't cut it; and this is coming from a huge Haley Atwell fan.
I actually agree with you.

It is a relic, and someone like Bendis, Brubaker or whoever could never get away with doing it today. But still, anyone wanting them to follow the comics is justified in doing so.

Some people disagree about Hayley as Sharon, of those, some know that they're supposed to look like but think that's a bad idea, and some don't know and reject it at face value. Others want Hayley as Sharon, something that they have not pulled out of their asses.
To each their own.

I think Hayley as Sharon is achievable. But perhaps it might be better, certainly easier, if Sharon didn't look like Peggy and wasn't related to her, either.

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