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Default Re: EVERYTHING Black Panther - Part 2

Once again I disagree. Hudlin wasn't afraid to mention race or perhaps have it running beneath the action of multiple stories because race does that in real life. Even when an issue seems 'nonracial' there could be racial implications, and I think Hudlin acknowledged that. There were times he did pointedly mention or display black figures from history-like that Skrull planet with Skrull MLK and Skrull Malcolm X, but how is this any really different than millions of comics that have used or referenced white historical figures over the years?

And Panther wasn't a thug in Hudlin's stories. If anything he was a bit of a Gary Stu, but his intelligence, ambition, love for Storm, heroics, all of that was on display. How is that making him a thug? I think Hudlin portrayed Panther better than Maberry, Aaron, or Liss did. I'm looking forward to seeing what Hickman has in store for T'Challa.

Hudlin wasn't the best writer ever, but he certainly wasn't the worst. For anyone that believes that, go read his Captain America/Black Panther crossover and come back and say that. What I personally think his greatest crime was is that he is a black man not afraid to admit that or to write Panther as being consciously aware-and proud-of the fact of his blackness and of being African. I think the trend is to 'transcend' race for black characters and Hudlin didn't do that.

Now that doesn't mean he was the most skillful writer-I've criticized his writing style in old posts-but he had love for the character and his history.

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