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Default Re: Who would you let Joss Whedon kill in Avengers 2?

Originally Posted by the great thor View Post
i am not saying hawkeye did not play a part, just not much of one. yes he saved bwidow and thats great but thats not anything special in and of itself (any teammate would have done the same) and if you look at your post, everyones actions have much more to do with the defeat of the aliens than hawkeye feats. he is just not suited to be on a team with gods, super powered monsters and iron men. he just looks out of place on this team to me.
How was their purpose more important? How do you even know how many aliens Hawkeye killed? Every time it showed him, he was wiping them off like crazy. No different than Captain America, for example. Hawkeye and Cap both saved trapped people too.

And it's not about just "saving bwidow" it's about saving her at the exact moment he did. Without Hawkeye blowing Loki up, Widow probably gets killed and the portal never gets closed.

The only two who played a bigger part in the "ending of the portal/aliens) is Stark and Widow.

And yeah, Hawkeye is not as strong as the gods, super soldiers, or hulks of the world. But he damn sure held his own. The guy is just a human (same with Widow) and they showed no fear.

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