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Default Re: EVERYTHING Black Panther - Part 2

Originally Posted by DrCosmic View Post
Who said LS said any such thing? I literally meant 'some people.' I guess you could view that post as opinion. Perhaps a four year run is not success to you, or you really think Liss was a better Panther writer. Most of my posts are based on the assumption that something that is largely agreeable is 'true' for functions of a discussion. I'm sorry if you feel differently, but I don't see how discourse is possible otherwise.
Ok, where did anyone complain of T'challa being cooler than they would have liked? Again, just a silly statement. What you meant was they complained about something that you thought was cool, therefore, since 'they' didn't like it, they had to be complaining about it being cooler than they would have liked, rather than just complaining that they didn't think it was cool. See how that implies that your opinion is more than it really is?

And success is subjective. Is a four year run successful compared to an 8 year run? Is a series that ranks near the bottom in sales results a success? Your assumption that something is largely agreeable is based on your own opinion. I say LS wins that round because if that series was so great and successful, why did it end?

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