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Default Re: EVERYTHING Black Panther - Part 2

Originally Posted by E-Man View Post
The biggest thing I want from stories is good writing, and Hudlin barely had any of that. His best story was the Flags of Our Fathers, but even that was just an okay story. I really don't think he should get any brownie points for not being afraid to talk about race. Sure that's something that people shouldn't be afraid of, but when the story sucks it doesn't help at all. Malcolm X and MLK are cool heroes of mine, but what in the blue hell are the Skrulls doing imitating them in the exact same manner that they lived? If he wanted MLK and Malcolm in the comic he should have just used Solomon's frogs to take them back in time instead. That would have been a much better story since it would be the actual characters, and you wouldn't have aliens from cultures that wouldn't even consider those two sacred imitating them and doing their best. Hell the Skrulls are shapeshifters. Why in the hell would they just let one guy imitate an idol? They know better. The story would suck whether it was black historical icons or white ones.

As always, you totally get it.

Originally Posted by E-Man
Plus it can't be said enough that Hudlin doesn't get T'Challa. He said he wanted to write him like Batman, Spike Lee, and Diddy. WTF? There is no Spike Lee or Diddy in T'Challa at all. T'Challa may be arrogant, but not in the sense to boast about himself the way Hudlin had him do at times. T'Challa's arrogance is in the fact that he always feels as if his plan would work to a T. He wouldn't let you know how well the plan worked, and he would never let you in on the fact that he's using you like a pawn. He's a poker player. They don't give things up. They just let you sink and try to figure out what went wrong. In Hudlin's run there was none of that. There was arrogance, but his T'Challa bragged too much. "I created this armor when I was 12." "The Leader is not that smart." Why in the hell would T'Challa even talk like that? It's because the writer thinks that he has the personality of a few outspoken celebrities that act nothing like the character.
Exactly. It seems that Hudlin came from the angle of, "Look this guy's a negro from Africa. Let's African-Americanize him for crossover appeal."

Now, while that in of itself is not entirely a bad idea, as was said by Dr. Cosmic, the execution was terrible. You can't just take a character that has been written a certain way for years and flip his script overnight on the 180. It's not going to stick. If Hudlin had simply taken his goddamn time and mapped out T'Challa properly many of his concepts could've been great.

But he rushed.

I, for one, liked the idea of Storm marrying T'Challa (although I would've preferred her with Logan or Forge). But if you're going to do it, DEVELOP THE STORYLINE. Don't just throw it my face like, "Looky here, they're getting married and they've always been in love even if you never really read about this 'romance'--eat it!"

Originally Posted by E-Man
That's not including the fact that the stories were terrible. So Fu Manchu sends a bunch of ninjas to kidnap Black Panther so that he could go out on a date with his daughter? A ninja pulls out a pistol(wtf?) and shoots Luke Cage in the head, knowing that he has steel hard skin? Blade calls a couple of vampires he kills crackers, and then later on in the same damn story arc he says that he doesn't care much about race because he's immortal. All this happened in the same storyline, btw.
It was a total cluster f____. Ugh, just reading your summary jogged my memory again of just how bad it really was.

"Give The Rights Back To Marvel" is officially now a thing.

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