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Default Re: EVERYTHING Black Panther - Part 2

Originally Posted by RockSP View Post
Are you talking about that "Young Storm" mini-series? Because Hudlin can't take the blame for that one sucking, heh heh...he didn't write it.
No, I wasn't blaming him for that writing. But that arc was done in support of what was about to happen in his book. He was on a deadline because he wanted to get Marvel's premiere black characters married to eachother on-time by February (Black History Month).

So they just started cramming s____ into the microwave and heating it up as fast as they could. Never mind if it tasted good later, or if it would really "fill readers up." It didn't.

The whole thing was just soooooooo forced and contrived. I remember once setting the book down literally, thinking "I can't believe they are making T'Challa and Ororo do this s_______".

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