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Default Re: MCU: Phase II - Part 1

Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post're agreeing that there *will* be recasts, even of RDJ? If so, then why on earth would you think Iron Man would need to "retire," or that ANY of the MCU films are set to a finite schedule and moving towards a definite ending date in the near future? If you agree that fans won't revolt with a Tony Stark recast, then you've also got to accept that the recast can certainly "immortalize" the character....i.e., he's not gonna age in real time.
It's just one possibility. And I wouldn't have an issue with them telling more stories about Iron Man as long as it fits the established story/continuity. We have to see what Iron Man 3 leaves us with.

But by coining these intervals PI, PII, PIII, I do see and end game here and I see this being a trilogy. Not my ideal way of doing things, but that appears to be what they are going for. It will be a conclusion to this set of Avengers. I won't rule out a fourth movie with the core roster because Evans/Hemsworth are still young and signed for 5-6 movies. I think they will do whatever they can to get RDJ back for one or two more ensembles but they won't recast until much later.

I see Avengers 2/3 sort of the swan song for Iron Man for quite some time. Keep in mind that is potentially three more films so it's not like audiences haven't had their share. But we could see Iron Man movies taking place in between that time, or much later in the timeline as an adviser (unlikely), or by preserving his youth through nanotechnology (but that devalues the character).

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