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Default Re: A Spider-Woman film?

Originally Posted by JabarR View Post
I have a idea! What if the story began when Jessica was born to Dr. Alexander and Melissa Drew, but Melissa dies after give birth to their only child. Dr. Drew spends his entire life raising his daughter and devoting himself to his work to science, along with his partner, Dr. Richard Deacon. The two scientists were working on a breakthrough project, when Jessica visited her dad one day (Dr. Deacon wasn't there at the time) and a venomous spider escaped from its cage and bit Jessica while she was doing her homework. Desperate, Dr. Drew tries a serum that's never been tested, he not only saved his daughter's life, but the serum would give Jessica spider-like powers, strength, super speed and it would be able to fix any injury she would have...................

To be continued........................................
Why do you need to change the names of Jessica's parents? There seems no reason for that.

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