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Default Re: The Official Rate/Review Thread for Marvel's The Avengers! (TAG SPOILERS!!!) -

Originally Posted by CConn View Post
I said seemed.

Which inferred it was my perspection.

And perception is an inherently individual thing.

That said, nothing you said in your post has swayed me. You take the tact of defending TA and making assumptions that I'm being overly critical of it, when I'm really not.

I wasn't trying to be dismissive towards its action or dialogue. It's great. It's what makes the movie a good movie. What diminishes TA's quality in my eyes its it's lack of subtext (this is literally the second time I've had this conversation in the past hour, btw ).

The Avengers presents a perfect opportunity to delve into some deeper social and political analyzations and questions, and while there's several scenes in the film that seem to elude that Whedon was trying to add some depth to the film, ultimately, I feel as though he fell short with his every attempt at injecting my real meaning into the film.

It's never a matter of seriousness for me. A movie could be a comedy, a children's film whatever, if it's good, with some really worthwhile intentions and ingenuity, I'll be into it. I liked Avengers' tone. I liked it's action and dialogue and characters, etc., etc. it's just that, ultimately, it doesn't seem as though it has any real meat on its bones like other superhero movies have.

That statement "it didn't come across as a sophisticated movie, it just concentrated on being a good one" irks me. Because sophisticated and good should be synonymous with each other. Sophisticated doesn't have to mean serious - there's sophisticated comedies, and sophisticated children's films - sophisticated should merely mean that a film is made with intelligence and talent.
I still think that you are looking for an ultimately redundant air of validity that The Avengers didn't need. While you may claim to embrace the fun and actiony aspect of the movie, you still crave some nebulous 'subtext', a shoehorned message that would not have benefited the movie at all.

The Avengers is a character piece. It was entirely about how the characters interact and develop. There is no 'social' theme. It didn't need one. Loki's speech about how humanity wishes to be ruled, for example, is not social commentary, but a look into his views and his development into a villain. "There are always men like you". It was a criticism of his vanity, and he gets his comeuppance at the end. "Puny god."

So it seems to me that you watched The Avengers, enjoying the spectacle and funny lines, but missed the actual point of the movie because you were waiting for some vague message about how it really represented the struggle of the common man in Soviet Russia or something like that.

And the most important thing that people miss; The Avengers is a continuing story. It isn't over yet. The characters have more in store for them, which may cause you to appreciate this film more in the future. But right now, you get to enjoy watching them grow.

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