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Default Re: The Official Rate/Review Thread for Marvel's The Avengers! (TAG SPOILERS!!!) -

Originally Posted by JAKĀ® View Post
I still think that you are looking for an ultimately redundant air of validity that The Avengers didn't need. While you may claim to embrace the fun and actiony aspect of the movie, you still crave some nebulous 'subtext', a shoehorned message that would not have benefited the movie at all.

The Avengers is a character piece. It was entirely about how the characters interact and develop. There is no 'social' theme. It didn't need one. Loki's speech about how humanity wishes to be ruled, for example, is not social commentary, but a look into his views and his development into a villain. "There are always men like you". It was a criticism of his vanity, and he gets his comeuppance at the end. "Puny god."

So it seems to me that you watched The Avengers, enjoying the spectacle and funny lines, but missed the actual point of the movie because you were waiting for some vague message about how it really represented the struggle of the common man in Soviet Russia or something like that.

And the most important thing that people miss; The Avengers is a continuing story. It isn't over yet. The characters have more in store for them, which may cause you to appreciate this film more in the future. But right now, you get to enjoy watching them grow.
Eh, I'm really not interested in discussing this with you.

You're ignoring pretty much all of my compliments and my understanding of the film overall.

I know exactly what the film is meant to be - and I enjoy it greatly for it. And, again, you strike me as being more concerned about defending the film than actually exchanging any level of insights or information.

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