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Default Re: A Spider-Woman film?

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Drop the suspended animation, and New Men for that matter. Let her be a HYDRA agent who finds out she's not some test tube thing, but an actual person who used to have a family, and that HYDRA is not some sort of righteous organization, but really an evil cabal set on world destruction. I agree with Viper as a villain, and suggest SHIELD as an intermediate villain.
Just hear the rest of it. After Jessica's near death experience, Dr. Drew drops the project and Dr. Deacon who wants the project only for money. Jessica prospers and becomes a very popular girl in school (which BTW does not go to her head), but on the night of her high school graduation, she finds out that her father was murdered and some of his files were stolen, she heartbroken and hurt by what has happen, but tries to move on, cause she knew her dad would want her to. She and her best friend, Rodney Hunt (who secretly had a crush on her since junior high) start Justice Magazine, then a mysterious woman enters Jessica's life and her name is Madame Web and warns her that danger is coming, but Jessica doesn't believe her. One day, two thugs (whom she had written about in her magazine) go after her and as she's running, she tripped, fell and rolled down cliff and as the two thugs followed her, they see a giant web cocoon, which starts to scare them, then suddenly the cocoon hatches (with disgusting ooze) and out comes Spider-Woman and Madame Web reappears and tell that its her destiny and to beware of a danger coming. Richard Deacon (the one who killed Dr. Drew) uses his files and he stole to create the ultimate DNA machine and takes genetically clone files and enters the pod and becomes a new man with superhuman strength and called himself, "The Human Fly" and vows to get revenge on the ones who laughed him out of the world of science.


Cerina Vincent as Spider-Woman/Jessica Drew

Ellen Burstyn as Madame Web

James Van Der Beek as Rodney Hunt

Tim Matheson as Dr. Alexander Drew

Ray Liotta as Dr. Richard Deacon/The Human Fly

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