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Default Re: EVERYTHING Black Panther - Part 2

Originally Posted by E-Man View Post
I liked the fact that Hudlin actually paid some attention to Katrina. It's crazy how that got ignored by comics, so I'll give him his props for doing something with it. As big of a disaster as that was they should have given it similar attention to what 9/11 got. They could have done some fund raising comics, but it got largely ignored.

The thing with arrogance is that people show it in different ways. T'Challa throughout time to me has been a guy that will let you talk your way into his trap while he studies you. He's a that is very eloquent, but he won't say much that isn't necessary. In the Avengers cartoon I loved how Black Panther questions the Gamma World situation, and Wasp says, "OMG I forgot you could talk!" Hulk even had a little funny bit where T'Challa was meditating while on "Hulk watch,' and Hulk being super bored says, "You talk too much." With Hudlin you never got that. He was the type of hero that would boast about things that weren't necessary. T'Challa doesn't talk trash. Why would he need to?

I liked that Maberry actually gave Shuri a personality, and he made her interesting a bit, but he wasted T'Challa. That whole time he was supposedly risking his life to gain enough power to beat Doom ended up in nothing. All he did was get a little stronger, and in the end he didn't even use that to take out Doom. He used a deus ex machina device that could have been used a long time before then. Part of me thinks that it was editorial that had him keep T'Challa to the side, but I hate seeing how T'Challa isn't even in a coma anymore but he isn't king. It's so stupid, and so was the premise for Man Without Fear. Liss is a very good writer that made it entertaining, but Marvel has done some stupid things with T'Challa lately.

I don't see Hudlin's T'Challa as boastful, however I did think that Hudlin often used every other character to sing his praises-a bit too much-instead of showing how great he is with his actions.

As for Shuri. I liked what Maberry did with her during the "Power" arc, but after that I thought he did a disservice to her. Giving her uncontrollable rage issues and a Paris Hilton past. I don't think either did much for her character. I also think the shadow physics thing was another missed opportunity. I have to wonder how much Marvel editorial screwed up whatever plans Maberry had for the character. I thought with "Power" he was building up a nice political thriller. I really liked the creation of the Desturi and the Broker.

I do agree with you that Marvel has done some stupid things with T'Challa. I also agree with you that T'Challa should've been restored as king and the sole Black Panther. I like Shuri but I wish they would make her another character.

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