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Default Re: EVERYTHING Black Panther - Part 2

Actually I think it is a different issue than Thor. For one, Thor is the white guy so there's no need to go look for a white guy to be the real star of the film, as you suggested. Two, Thor is a mythological figure and people (white and non-black, though certainly some blacks too) would probably be generally more accepting of a fantasy world with trolls and frost giants than the idea of a technologically advanced African society.

As for Panther, the white guy issue is pretty simple. Hire a big name to be Klaw. And show him a lot in the promotional materials.

Panther is going to be a tough sale, but with the success of the Blade films, Hancock (and other Will Smith genre films), and even black romantic comedies like Think Like a Man, and not to mention how hot comic book films are right now, I think this is the best time for Marvel to do a Panther film. I hope they don't sit on their hands until the trend starts waning and then release a Panther film, it doesn't do well, and they blame it on the character's race or subject matter solely being the reason for its failure.

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