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Default Re: A Spider-Woman film?

I like the idea of a Spider-woman movie myself, but I don't see Marvel going for it right now. Maybe if she appeared in an Avengers sequel, but I feel that Marvel are more likely to go with other Avengers before her.

Also, I personally don't want to see an origin that references the High Evolutionary or similar rubbish. It would probably be best to keep her tied up with Hydra and keep her as an actual human. I also don't want to see something that caters to the Buffy/Twilight crowd. I think there's enough of that sort of thing already, we don't need more and I think for many at this point Spider-woman is more associated with being a SHIELD and/or HYDRA spy.

I wouldn't mind seeing how they could translate her costume to screen. Hopefully they could do something similar to the Raimi Spider-man films where it's essentially the same design, but with changes to make it look better on screen.

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