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Originally Posted by MarkTDKfan View Post
So I felt there was a need to start a thread after receiving several PM asking how to earn the badges at the mountain dew TDKR promotion. I myself am confused like several others on how or how too earn some of them. I am starting to think the whole program is just buggy. So don't get pissed at me get pissed at DEW. I have tried to call the promotions phone number 1-800-870-0697 and everyone I spoke to seemed more clueless than me. Good luck and please share if you think you have an idea on how it was done. RISE in 4 days. 7.20.12

Lets get started, and like I said some of them I am not sure on..

Welcome To Gotham City - hint: Set foot on the Streets for the very first time. ; Earned, everyone should have gotten this right away.

Doin' Time - hint: You're in Gotham City..How long can you survive? ; Earned, I believe it is going into GCPD and using the create a mugshot which is kind of cool.

Rise Up - hint: When a whisper becomes a roar... ; Earned, I am almost certain on this one that you just click either FB, twitter or email button on the bottom right corner of the site where it says SHARE WITH FRIENDS.

Gothamite - hint: Do you have what it takes to explore the dark city? Earned, This one I believe you either explore all the segments on the map - GCPD, Applied Sciences, GC Convenience, Gear, and the Batcave. Or you have to click every little thing inside these segments as well.

Dark Secrets - hint: Unlock the Secrets of TDKR , Earned, I am pretty sure you just watch the video in the Batcave. If not try and explore everything inside of it.

Heads or Tails - hint: Its time to flip the coin... how do you like your odds? Earned, This one I am not too sure, but I think I earned it viewing the newspaper inside the GC Convenience. Make sure you view all 3 pages, and on the third page click the Rykin Data image which directs you towards If that doesn't work I am clueless... The hint "how do you like your odds?" makes you wonder tho....

Bat Swarm - hint: Five Million heads are better than one. Earned, No clue what so ever on this one. Maybe redeem a code, or a liking FB page or something...

The Pongr Activities

These were a real ***** for me. but, they come with 5 pts each

Bane Badge - hint: At times we all wear masks, Earned, You have to take a picture of yourself with a dew and wearing a villain mask such as Bane or Catwoman. I used this

and emailed , BUT found out from the officials rules when you put the subject make sure you use #DEWvillian. hence villain spelled wrong purposely. Make sure your picture is clear, , and no smaller than 400 X 400 or something. They will reply back with the resolution size if it is to small. They kept telling me it wasn't clear several times which is why it took me like a week to get it .

GC Convenience
- hint: Find a piece of Mtn Dew point of sale for this badge. Earned, Much easier then the other, just take a picture of any Mtn Dew product display in your store, I even heard of some taking a picture of just a can, and emailed #DEWstop and it works.

Now for the last 3 I still need.

Dark Rising - hint: Make yourself known among Gotham City Society. Not Earned, I've read twice that you need to obtained 50 pts. Which I thought made sense from the hint. I surprisingly got to 50 with the help of my fat friends. Still no luck, so then I looked at the leaderboards and realized they count what you have redeemed as well. So I thought maybe that's it! Hit 51 redeemed and still no luck!! This one is just pissing me off.

I have yet to see anyone on the leaderboards with these two below. So maybe there is more stuff to be added to explore in the coming weeks.

DewMaster - hint: Welcome to The Gotham City Elite. Not Earned, Rumor from one person was that you need to earn 1000 points . Which I highly highly doubt because I can't see Dew expecting a ton of people to dew that... It's insane and they would lose thousands of customers to diabetes in 3 months. What is the Gotham City Elite tho??? I really thought I had gotten this one when I bought the Bane Poster from gear because I remember reading Welcome To Gotham City Elite, but I was drunk so I could've been wrong.

Rule The Streets - hint: To the Victors Go The Spoils. Not Earned, Really thought you just had to create a Tumbler since it shows one in the mini pic. Love the hint to by the way Camelot quote. Anyway maybe you have to win a sweepstakes? If so, we will see because me and several others won advanced screening tickets! I still haven't received anything after redeeming through the email, but I called the promo number I listed above, and they said by Tuesday or Wednesday I would received another email with the details .

- I just noticed today that when inside the GC Convenience if you click the cord on the open sign a tumbler drives by and sits there. Any ideas on that? Found it interesting..

So I have given you my thoughts on this. Lets all be the world's greatest detectives and figure this out.. Anyone think we get something for collecting ALL the badges?

i got heads or tails by entering a sweeps contest.

still havent gotten the bane mask even tho ive submitted several photos.

i sent you a pm. i did get the 50pt badge. you have to enter 50 points. not redeem 50. once your point counter is at 50, you should get it. i did anyways.

ive been working on a interaction guide for this site. heres what i have so far:

convient store:

open sign plug - turn off then some few moments later a camo tumbler parks outside the window and will sit there until you turn it back on. once the sign is re-lit, the car drives off.

bane also appears on the surveillance camera screen while the car sits there.

dew sign plug - can be turned on or off

gotham observer paper - page "b1" has a dale jr "dew crew" add. you can click on the part that says "click here" to reveal a facebook game/app

page "c10" has an add for "rykin data", which can be clicked on.
doing so opens a new website for gotham city tech. as of now theres
only 1 photo and the rest says under construction.


desk - bottom left desk drawer will open when clicked on. looks like only mtn dew inside.

mouse - you can put your pointer on the computer mouse. then a batman facebook page will pop up on the pc screen.

[applied science]

lights - there are 6 switches on the blueprint desk. they are little white circles. clicking on them will turn different lights on or off.

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