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Default Re: Who would you let Joss Whedon kill in Avengers 2?

i get where you are coming from, but my question is if you have one human shield agent on the team(bwidow) why in the world do yiou need two. to talk about how out of there element they are, which they did by the way. its just what they did just did not do anything for me. i will admit i have never thought much of bowmen in comics(green arrow etc) its just ridiculous to me if you look at it with a shred of realism, its all just to much make believe that a guy who shoots arrows should be on a team with the likes of a hulk or a superman. and the fact it is done with the pov of hey look how cool the normal guy is fighting with these superheroes is just kinda stupid to me. if i was a normal person in this world i would ask hey why is hawkeye on this team. i guess i am a guy who needs more realism.

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