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Default Re: Who would you let Joss Whedon kill in Avengers 2?

Originally Posted by catintheengine View Post
The fact that there is a master marksman is what broke your suspension of disbelief with The Avengers? It wasn't the guy who was in animated suspension for over a half-century, or the billionaire playboy in a suit of armor, or the being from another dimension who could summon lightning, or even the giant green monster that hit with the force of a freight train...

It was the bowman.

THAT was just too much to buy into.
Hehe good points. I thought the non-powered heroes were handled pretty well by Joss. He really made sure to keep them all at their power levels (though Black Widow controlling the Chitauri dude by sticking her hands into his shoulders was a little strange). It's really the point that there are all of these really different heroes coming together as a team.
Originally Posted by catintheengine View Post
animated suspension
I've heard of suspended animation, but what's animated suspension? =P I'm picturing some dude with his limbs all tangled up in strings hanging from the ceiling, wildly and animatedly flailing all over the place to try and get free hehe.

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