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Default Re: Best one vs one fight in the X-Franchise?

Right, we have had a allotment of activity scene's in the X-Franchise so far, so for now, I will just focus on the one on one's as we have plenty to choose from and some have been great, others havent. alright, I cheated a bit throwing the finish vs Weapon XI as Creed is engaged in that furthermore, but, go ahead and choose your best one vs one battle scene in the franchise so far, there are abounding to choose from, so some thought perhaps needed .

The tool for fighting XI fight is likely the best one-on-one battle imo (well, one-on-one when he battles Wolverine, that is). Wolverine vs. Gambit could have been a competitor if it was long sufficient (Jeez! Talk about not understanding how to draw out a good scene - they actually dumbed down Gambit's battling abilities in that!). I would state that the general best battle view in all of the videos was Nightcrawler's infiltration of the White dwelling. Awesome sauce!

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