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Default Re: Characterization of the Knight - Nolan and Bale's Bruce Wayne/Batman - Part 2

I still expect Anne and Tom to get the most praise when it's all said and done because of the nature of their roles but I'm extremely happy that Bale is getting more recognition this time around for his work in TDKR (compared to during TDK).

Here's a nice summary of the critics' reviews that I found at another site (putting them in spoiler tags just in case):

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:

"As both Batman and Bruce Wayne, Christian Bale’s work here is master-class, and he gives the character such an inescapable melancholy – a certain perseverance in the face of absolute resignation to his fate – that he becomes a more tragic figure than ever." (Indiewire)

"Needing to portray both his characters as vulnerable, even perishable, Bale is at his series best in this film. At times in the past his voice seemed too artificially deepened and transformed; there's a bit of that here, but far less, and, as Bruce becomes impoverished and Batman incapacitated, the actor's nuances increase." (The Hollywood Reporter)

"The final chapter in the Dark Knight saga allows Bale to move deeply into Bruce/Batman's troubled soul. Bale, up to every challenge in a tough role, gives a hypnotic, haunting performance." (Peter Travers, Rolling Stone)

"Bale gives his finest performance yet in the role. With these three Batman films, he has brought to life the most fully-formed, multi-faceted screen superhero yet." (IGN)

"Bale, a boyish 30 when he first slipped into the cape and cowl back in 2004, has matured impressively in the role. For the first half of TDKR he is a gaunt, haunted wraith, so weary of life that he might have joined his beloved Rachel in the grave. By the end, the actor has given everything, left every nuance and agony on the table for his big finish." (Time Magazine)

"Bale has never explored the depths of the character Wayne/ Batman as he does within this film. He is simply superb. Can anyone ever question him as the best portrayer of the character again? This is a tortured man, beaten down by who he is, but what he has become, by what he feels guilty for. Bale is extraordinary in the part and about the voice…it works." (Awards Circuit)

"It’s testament to Christian Bale’s stalwart, admirably unshowy but soulful performance that we once again feel for a man born to privilege but eternally trapped in a personal prison." (Empire)

"Bale's performance here is miles different than his work in either of the other films. In "Batman Begins," there is a boyish inexperience, and I like the material where he's figuring out this new identity for himself. Even though "The Dark Knight" is very dark at times, there's an exuberance to Bruce as he comes into his own, and he seems driven, pleased to have found a purpose. In this film, a sorrow has settled onto him, and even when he is suited up and in action, he barely seems like a shadow of the man he used to be. He's rotting from the inside, knowing full well what his actions have cost the people around him. He is dying because of the loss of Rachel in "The Dark Knight," and he doesn't seem to know how he can heal at all. The end of the first film, when Rachel confronts him about his identity, offers Bruce his one way out of things, and much of "The Dark Knight" deals with his struggle to take that escape route and what happens when it's taken from him forever. In this new film, he has no more hope, no more heart, and it makes him just as dangerous as Bane, but to himself more than anyone else." (Hitfix)

"In a more gratifying development, the film reasserts the primacy of its title character and the general excellence of Bale's performance, forcing Wayne to reckon once and for all with the alter ego he's fashioned for himself and Gotham in the name of justice." (Variety)

"Bale has more to carry than in TDK, reminding how terrific he was in Batman Begins." (MovieCity News)

"As any Director of Photography knows, Christian Bale can do bluster like no other. But he also captures well the fragility of a hero who opens the film walking with a cane and has no cartilage left in either his knees or shoulders. Bale also manages the difficult task of making billionaire orphan Wayne likeable - when his privileged upbringing is questioned, he deadpans the line, "Actually I was born in the regency room". " (GQ Magazine)

"The unifying strength of these Batman films has been Nolan’s seriousness in treating Batman as a complex figure, and Bale has been incredibly effective at personalizing an iconic superhero, giving him all the gravitas required. For all the fine actors who have populated this trilogy, it’s important to remember how crucial Bale’s contribution has been as the films’ emotional centre. " (Screen Daily)

"And Christian Bale? Never more vulnerable, likeable or willing to get his gloves dirty, pushing to new emotional depths for his final Gotham go-around." (Total Film)

"There is plenty to admire in Bale's saturnine performance." (The Independent)

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