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Default Re: Does The Falcon Need A Superpower Upgrade?

cybernetic implants, hollow bones, super serum knock-off, all just fine with me.

The ability to "fly" (more like glide) via a mechanical harness, plus martial arts training, just doesnt cut it.

Even the new Bourne , a much more realistic character/story, has super-human augmentations. And I'm actually hoping theres some reference to BW's having some sort of enhancement in the next movie.

So I say yes yes yes. Nothing too radical, but something to put him on par with Cap, and make his flying more plausible.

A "super soldier experiment gone wrong" subplot would do the trick.

Flying at high speeds/altitudes without an IM-style power suit is just bat **** crazy. Even in the context of a CBM. A Hammer Industries knock-off would be better than mechanical wings and a jet pack.

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