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That's the point though! Comic books aren't reality. They shouldn't leave us feeling the same as watching the evening news. And even if you wanted to portray some since of realism in comic books taking someone's life and spouting out a one-liner after doing so isn't what real life is all about. All that is is a total disregard for human life. Perhaps there was some censorship in comics, yes even to an extreme degree, but still people in general had higher standards morally speaking. Otherwise those restrictions wouldn't have been in place. Restrictions or not Stan Lee came out and said Spider-Man wouldn't be a killer because HEROES DON'T KILL! People today are blood thirsty. Extreme violence is supposed to make a good story or good character. Sorry I don't buy it. Give me a hero with a moral guideline. This is why I prefer bronzeage comics. Pre Joker cutting off his face and Curt Connors eating his own son.

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